Know your patients, improve your financial health


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Know your patients, improve your financial health

Larger deductibles, rapidly changing technology, new payment methods, and stricter regulations have made financial success in healthcare more elusive than ever. Meanwhile, steadily rising costs are outpacing quality improvements, requiring almost every organization involved to figure out how to do more with less.

Chi-Matic is a boutique consulting firm focused on financial success in healthcare. We are passionate about the shift in healthcare to a consumer-driven model where doing the right thing for the patient (providing the right care, by the right person, at the right time) will drive lasting positive outcomes and bolster financial success.

We believe that improving the financial health of an organization demands a three-pronged approach: Ensure the appropriate revenue is captured and paid with the least possible intervention, provide high-quality care at a low cost, and align patients and their community with the health system.



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Areas of Expertise

optimize revenue cycle systems & process

  • Perform end-to-end integrated revenue cycle assessment

  • Prioritize and re-allocating work across front, mid, and back-end revenue cycle

  • Develop automation strategy to reduce manual intervention

  • Develop operational coaching and data-driven productivity program

  • Implement an AR resolution strategy and denial management program

  • Manage an in-sourcing or outsourcing project

reduce organizational cost

  • Provide breakdowns of each workflow based on patient condition or service line to understand resources utilization throughout the health system

  • Deliver analysis on the time (and cost) to perform workflows and organizational variability

  • Collaborate and build a road map to alter behavior, reduce variability, and change process to take advantage of these new insights and clearly defined savings

pre-implementation planning

  • Steer leadership decision-making process ahead of project kick-off

  • Provide governance and staffing advisement around core revenue cycle areas

  • Map current business processes to future-state options

  • Establish benchmarks and key revenue cycle steering goals

  • Review 3rd party integrations and assist in vendor selection

implementation steering

  • Provide expertise to support revenue cycle leadership and IT teams

  • Ensure effective planning and execution for integrated revenue cycle areas

  • Audit system design and build decisions for go-live readiness

  • Confirm testing strategy for revenue cycle

  • Recommend project staffing adjustments

Patient experience transformation

  • Engage patients through improved revenue cycle functions and improved access to services

  • Identify technology gaps and opportunities to better meet patient needs

  • Restructure teams to include patient input and community opinion

  • Re-imagine patient flow throughout facilities by re-aligning resources along high-value patient communication pathways

Community strategy

  • Facilitate collaboration to set goals as a health system and define success criteria

  • Provide gap analysis of existing relationships and governance structures

  • Review of change management plans and strategic areas to alter for improvement

  • Deliver of key areas of opportunity for long-term organizational benefit

Chi-Matic was able to quickly and efficiently identify areas that needed improvement and their competent consultants were able to work with our team to implement the needed changes. They have a wealth of Epic and operational knowledge that we needed at a critical time post-implementation.
— President of Practice Management Organization
Chi-Matic ensured our extension to a large, regional healthcare group was a success through diligent attention to their revenue cycle functions. We are happy to have a partner that can drive results from managers and directors, provide feedback on process improvement, and help instill our high-performing culture with a new organization.
— AVP Patient Accounting


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