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The long trip to go-live is only the beginning. We work with your teams post-live to ensure the carefully laid plans during implementation bear fruit in those critical months right before and after go-live. We partner with leaders in the operation and IT to help organize around the ‘new normal’ of your EMR and/or revenue cycle system to ensure issues are managed effectively, training is applied to the right users at the right times, and leaders are given the tools to succeed with a new system. We’ll also help you plan for optimization after stabilization, allowing your teams to hit the ground running with projects and enhancements to further improve system success.

supercharge real-time ELIGIBILITY

Real-time eligibility offers huge opportunity to automate manual processes, reduce cost, and improve cash. However, the complex and integrated nature of a tool that starts on the front-end, but spans well into the back-end of revenue cycle can have leaders scratching their heads on where to start. We can help with a full review of current functionality, areas to improve, and impact on current setup has on denials. We’ll help with the end-to-end review of the tool and work across revenue cycle areas to ensure real-time eligibility meets the promise of work and denial avoidance effectively.  

lead the revenue cycle

Organizational success is often hinged on the right leadership to drive teams through massive, rapid change. It’s not always possible to do it yourself; you may need someone that knows success from experience, be it before, during, or after an implementation to ensure AR converts to cash quickly and reliably. Our team has deep experience in revenue cycle implementation and will drive success in full-time leadership roles or support leaders throughout your organization. We’ll ensure you have the right person in the right position to innovate with the revenue cycle and drive key metric improvement in the most critical business areas.

revamp referrals

Imagine if you could quickly improve patient care, access to providers, and revenue in one project. That’s right – it’s time to build an enterprise-wide strategy for managing referrals and the increasingly complex authorization process behind them effectively. Our team of experts can help you understand current state, gaps in processes by service line, and identify effective IT and change management strategies to transform how referral patterns function within your organization. You’ll have stronger relationships internally, reduced leakage, happier providers, and a better experience for patients.

improve follow-up & Productivity

It’s not enough to get a clean claim out the door; payers have every increasing complexity in paying claims, leading to more staff and resource time to collect the same or less money. You need to understand staff productivity, gaps in process, and how to benchmark AR teams to track improvement. We focus on an ‘automate first’ methodology to allow your teams to focus on complex, value-add work. Our consultants will deliver a rich understanding of productivity best practices that allow qualitative and quantitative tracking to improve understanding and accountability across AR teams.

ACQUIRE & Extend with confidence

The ‘bigger is better’ mantra is still hugely popular in healthcare. Organizations continue to look for growth opportunities, including virtual networks, cross-organization service line offerings, improved provider alignment, and outright acquisition. Finding the right partner that has been there before is critical to success. Our consultant leaders can help you navigate each step of this process, from the strategy to get started through the rollout and execution across or beyond your catchment area, to ensure your vision is developed and seen through to success.